Waje – Love For Country VIDEO & MP3 DOWNLOAD. 

Waje shares the song that shows “Love For Country“.

Music helps me express my deepest thoughts and, even with mixed emotions, it is still a great time to be alive. I have seen the possibility of a New Nigeria existing in my time. I’ve seen people of different tribes and religion not think about their differences but about the greater good.

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We deserve safety, education, dividends for labor, peace, and good governance – and we can get it.

Don’t feel left out, in your own little way join the conversation, be the change you want to see, let’s start educating people around us on the office and role of the citizen, from the elite to the underprivileged to the police, we need each other. ✊🏾

#endpolicebrutality #5for5

This song was released a few years ago but it’s still as relevant.

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