Top Five Songs About Casual Relationships By African Performers

Top Five Songs About Casual Relationships By African Performers. 

Top Five Songs About Casual Relationships By African Performers – Music has a global reach, even if the music is performed in a different language and by performers you’ve never heard of. The rhythm and sound bring people together, and songs can have many different meanings to different people. The great thing about music is that it can span many different cultures. When the song is focused on casual romance or undying love, the underlying message can always be appreciated by people, regardless of the language. This is particularly true when it comes to songs that are accompanied by music videos too. So, let’s take a look at the following five songs and discover how they deliver a message about the joyous nature of casual relationships and hookups.

Music Always Reflects Actual Trends. 

It’s true that music is always current. When we consider old songs from decades gone by, they might seem different from the music we listen to today, but that’s because they were relevant when they were released. This is why music always follows actual trends. Nowadays, there are more songs about carefree relationships and the likes of casual dating and hookups, while in the olden times, all that people got was serenades about truest love possible! It’s become amazingly simple now, as the music can become a key to the relationship – the love for the same song can bring you together with people from various parts of the world. And when you read the reviews to choose one of the best hookup sites available, you’ll be surprised how many different people are looking for romance online. With the introduction of online dating, romance and relationships became easy to get and just as easy to walk away from, adopting that casual attitude about how having different lovers for each different day is perfectly normal – and there are lots of funny and catchy songs to describe this feeling. Therefore, immersing yourself in music can help you to identify what’s really going on in the world.

  • Tiwa Savage Featuring Don Jazzy – Eminando. 

Tiwa Savage is a well-known singer from Nigeria who also has a passion for writing her own songs. This track is known to be related to relationships and love, with the title Eminand translating to good luck charm. It has an addictive beat, making it amazingly fit for a hot dance alongside your casual date and the lyrics bring everything together perfectly well. The video is also brilliantly produced, and it matches the song and conveys a message that love conquers all if you have luck on your side. Tiwa is no stranger to releasing top songs and has now released seven songs from her debut album.

  • Sauti Sol Featuring Alikiba – Unconditionally Bae

Sauti Sol and Alikiba are known to be two of the biggest stars from East Africa, and they have a huge following, so it’s no surprise that this song became a massive hit for the pairing. They have come together to create what is considered to be one of the best love songs ever produced and made in Africa. Unconditionally Bae is a track that is focused on the challenges that come with attempting to discover casual love in a modern world. The beat, the irony, and the easy attitude about relationships conveyed through the lyrics might make you want to start looking for a hookup to indulge in a casual romance together!

  • Mafikizolo – Ndihamba Nawe

If you’re looking for the perfect song to feel how the romance is conveyed in Africa, then this could be it. This song was made in 2007 and is both a huge hit with couples on their wedding day and during casual dates to feel the romantic vibe. The song focuses on declaring your love for someone, and a happy, addictive rhythm simply asks listeners to move with it – to the altar or to bed, your choice!

  • Diamond Platnumz Featuring Ne-Yo – Marry You.

Ok, this is one of the more well-known song choices if you’re looking for songs about romance. Ne-Yo is already a global superstar, so he brings something different to this song. Diamond Platnumz is also a superstar in his country of Tanzania, and as the title might suggest, this song is all about marriage and love. The track explores expressing your love for someone and your desire to marry them – not the casual hookup type of music, but if you’re ready to promise the world to your partner, no matter how you look to your relationship, it’ll work wonders. It was originally released on YouTube back in 2017 and has now received more than 2 million views. It’s a song that is filled with passion, amazing beats, and of course, Ne-Yo adds his special touch, giving you even more of a reason to put this onto your playlist.

  • P Squared Featuring Rick Ross – Beautiful Onyinye. 

P Squared is a musical pairing from Nigeria, and Rick Ross is a rapper from the US, so you can sort of understand what to expect here. This track has the perfect blend of beats and rhythm, but it’s impossible to ignore the message it’s delivering. The meaning behind the song is about discovering love and eventually finding happiness after spending time looking for the perfect partner – basically, it describes online dating and casual look at relationships in a nutshell! It was released in 2012, which makes it almost 10 years old, but it was put forward as the Best Afro Pop award and Video and remained an incredibly popular soundtrack for mingling with one’s hookup partner to this day. There’s certainly plenty of passion running through this track, which is why you won’t miss out when you put it on!

Creating that perfect playlist and finding the right song to set the tone doesn’t have to be challenging. These top African songs have been recognized as being some of the best out there, so there’s no denying that you can create the perfect ambiance and mood when you play these at the right moment!