Ford Partners With GTB To Produce Cars For Blind Persons


Ford Partners With GTB To Produce Cars For Bind Persons.

Blindness might be counted among various human disabilities especially when such person lacks the ability to visualize and see various human experience.

To bring solution to these and make these blind people feel life. Ford developed a “Feel The View Technology” in other for the blind people to feel and interpret images through the vibrations sent from the window glass to the hand.

This new innovation is tagged “Feel The View”, a brainwork of GTB and Ford in Italy, in partnership with Aedo, a local start-up company creating devices for people that are visually impaired.

The mechanism of feel the view modern Car

The “Feel The View” technology comes into play when the sensation of sight through 255 vibrations are created and sent via the window of the car that the hand can feel and interpret properly.

What is required of such person is by pressing the button and picture of such scenery would be taken by the

From what we learnt, this picture taken by this technology will be in high contrast monochrome image. Thereafter, the image will undergo conversion into grey scale; hereby the machine will handle the translation of every shade of grey into distinct vibration of varying intensity on vehicle’s window

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