Essence Of Proximity Sensor On Your Mobile Devices


Essence Of Proximity Sensor On Your Mobile Devices

Majority of phone users has a proximity sensor on there connectivity interface,they see it,they stroll pass it. Yet, they do not know why it is there,what it is used for or how to use it.

 A proximity sensor is a sensor that enable you to detect the presence of nearby devices without any physical contact.

Proximity sensors are commonly used on mobile devices. When the target is within the nominal range, the device lock screen user interface will surface, thus activating a sleep mode. Once the device has awoken from sleep mode , if the proximity sensor’s target is still for an extended period of time, the sensor will then ignore it, and the device will eventually revert into sleep mode . For example, during a telephone call, proximity sensors play a role in detecting (and skipping) accidental touchscreen taps when mobiles are held to the ear.

Proximity sensors can be used to recognise air gestures and hover-manipulations. A series of proximity sensing elements can replace vision-camera or depth camera based solutions for the hand gesture detection.

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