2020 BBNaija Lockdown Major Highlights For Week 8.

Welcome to Week 8 Highlights in the 2020 Big Brother Naija Lockdown House. You can check the week 7 highlights here.

One of the luckiest Housemate this season, Trikytee has become the new HOH for the week 8 in BBNaija Lockdown House. As there are limited Housemates, Biggie gave the opportunity of picking any gender, Trikytee picked Laycon as his DHOH and quickly addressed him as Depo.

Neo, Nengi and Vee didn’t get enough nominations to put them up for eviction, leaving Dorathy, Ozo, Prince and Kiddwaya on the eviction list for this week.

Nominations By The Housemates. 

Laycon picked ozo and Dorothy.

Trikytee picked prince and kid

Dora picked kid and neo

Ozo picked kid and prince

Nnegi picked dora and prince

Vee picked prince and Dora

Neo picked prince and dora

Prince picked ozo and nnegi

Kid picked Vee and prince

Housemates got a brief from Biggie for their weekly wager task.

It focus on different points such as Attitude & kindness to others, attitude to rules & tasks, bonus lost for bickering/fights

They are to work together as a house to achieve their objectives.

Their Thursday task is a presentation courtesy showmax. A talent show with a twist

Each team with three housemates each. They are to shares themselves as they wish.

They agree there should be a lady per group & want the girls to choose their group members.

Dora picks Prince & Kidd. Nengi picks Ozo & Neo. Vee picks Laycon & Trikytee.

It’s 8th September 2020, today’s task came from Darling Nigeria. The Housemates were grouped into three: Team Empress (Ozo, Kidd & Vee), Team Braids (Nengi, Prince, Trikytee) and Team Crotchet (Neo, Laycon and Dorathy).

Team Braids (Nengi, Prince, Trikytee) Won At The End and were awarded #1 Million Naira Each.

9th September, it’s time for Patricia Switch Task. First, the Housemates have to divide themselves into teams:

Team Doing The Most. 

Team Here For You.

Team Bitcoin Made Easy.

Team Here For You (Kiddwaya, Neo & Trikytee) Won The First Task Today

2nd Part of The Task:

Team Hank Black Panther

Team Hank Candy Floss

Team Luxury 

Team Hank Candy Floss (Kiddwaya, Dorathy & Vee) Won The Second Task.

Today 10th, is Showmax Talent Show and Housemates were divided into three groups:

Team Game of Thrones

Team Power 

Team Suits

After so much rehearsals, all teams performed beyond expectations as their acting and presentations were top-notch but Team Game Of Thrones (Vee, Laycon, Trikytee) Emerged As the overall winner with luxury of prizes and Vee also emerged as the best of them all. Vee will be taking a trip to Cape Town courtesy of Showmax NG.

As the day passes by, their seem to be less activities in the house. Today 11th, they engaged in Betway Trivia Game. HOH Trikytee won in the Betway Arena Game for the second time.

Ozo was issued the second strike for microphone multiple infringements for writing love letter to Nengi inside house, and if care is not taken, he might get disqualified. Dorathy advised him to choose between Nengi and 85 Million Naira.

For the first time this season, today, Biggie unlocked the Jacuzzi they’ve all been craving for. All Housemates were so much happy for this and spent a considerable amount of time inside the Jacuzzi.

It’s 12th September, the task today came from Waw Nigeria. Funke Akindele read the Task brief to the Housemates.

They were split into: Team Waw Preserves & Team Waw Protects.

For today’s Task, each team is required to make a WAW coloured inspired outfit using the fabrics, items and resources provided.

The outfit must have at least three of the fabrics provided and the Housemates have to select two of their members to represent them as models.

After rigorous efforts from both teams, Congratulations to Team WAW Protects (Ozo, Laycon, BBPrince and Kiddwaya) who walked away with N1,000,000 to share among them! And 1 year supply of WAW to both teams.

Guess what it’s party time!!! The party is lit as fuck with Superstar DJ Xclusive and guest artist, Superstar, Ice Prince. Ciroc drink is Biggie’s choice of drink for tonight.

It’s so unfortunate that Prince and Kiddwaya have been evicted from the 2020 Big Brother Lockdown House for this week.


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