2020 BBNaija Lockdown Major Highlights For Week 7


2020 BBNaija Lockdown Major Highlights For Week 7.

Welcome to Week 7 Highlights in the 2020 Big Brother Naija Lockdown House. Three (3) HMs were evicted in week 6, BrightO, Wathoni and TolaniBaj Got Evicted leaving the house with 11 HMs remaining.

Erica became the HOH for the second time in BBNaija Lockdown House but this time around, he chose Prince as the DHOH.

After the HOH game, things have now changed and the voting process has been reverted to how it used to be in previous seasons. The housemates were called into the diary room to nominate two contestants each for possible eviction.

Kiddwaya, Nengi, Laycon, Lucy, Vee and Trikytee eventually became the six housemates to face possible eviction. Ebuka announced that at least one of them would be leaving the show by weekend.

Below are the nominations by the HMs

Lucy – Nengi and TrikyTee

Kiddwaya – Lucy and Trikytee

Dorathy – Vee and Laycon

Laycon – Trikytee and Lucy

Nengi – Lucy and Laycon

Trikytee – Lucy and Laycon

Vee – Trikytee and Dorathy

Ozo – Lucy and Kiddwaya

Prince – Nengi and Ozo

Erica: Laycon and Vee

On the 1st of September, the major task came from a brand known as Johnnie Walker. The HMs were grouped into 4 :

1) Team Red Label: Prince and Lucy.

2) Team Black Label: Kiddwaya, Erica & Trikytee.

3) Team White Walker: Neo, Ozo & Dorathy.

4) Team Gold Label: Vee, Nengi & Laycon.

After excellent work rate from the groups that took them several hours, Team 1 Won two out of the three Tasks While Team Gold Label won a single task but still emerged as the winner. Congratulations to Team Gold Label (Laycon, Vee & Nengi). They were awarded 1 Million Naira each and a trip to Scotland and three other countries.

On the 2nd September, they prepared for their wager task this week as hatred among HMs tends to increase. The task of the day came from OPPO Mobile. After being paired in twos and performed their photoshoots. The winner of this task will be announced on Monday next week after eviction.

On the 3rd October, the main task of the day came from Amatem Soft Gel Game Changer Challenge. 

They were divided in to two groups: Team1 and Team 2. At the end of their short drama with presentation on Amatem Soft Gel for Malaria, Team 2 (Laycon, Lucy, Neo, Dorathy, Vee & Prince) won #700,000 while Team 1 (Kiddwaya, Erica, Nengi, Ozo & Trikytee) won #300,000.

The day didn’t just go by without their presentation of their wager task on which they mimicked the characters of the evicted House Mates when they were still in the house and it was all fun all the way.

Shortly after the wager, Erica went to apologize to Lucy for initial altercation when Lucy decided to change her group for the task but went sideways as Prince and Dorathy aggressively came at Lucy for always messing up the tasks with her mood and attitude in the house. The whole drama escalated as the rest of the HMs started dishing out their aggressions on Lucy but she handled it without creating drama of her own. Lucy felt left alone and betrayed as she had thought her friends, Prince and Dorathy would have her back as usual but didn’t happen as they were even the ones that even spearheaded the whole drama.

On 4th September, they had their Diary Session and the Betway Arena Game was won by Trikytee.

Saturday is always for Party at BBNaija Lockdown House. Today DJ Kaywise and T-Classic are the guest Disc Jockey and guest artist of the night. To keep the HMs busy, a task came from Scanfrost.

The teams for the Scanfrost Task are:

Team Cooker – Laycon & Lucy 

Team Refrigerator – Prince & Neo 

Team Laundry – Ozo, Nengi & Trikytee 

Team Generator- Vee & Kiddwaya

Team Air-conditioner – Dorathy & Erica 

At the end of the day, Team Refrigerator (Prince and Neo) Won the task.

They party was wild as usual as both DJ Kaywise and T-Classic entertained both the viewers and the HMs. A lot of strange things happened during the party and after the party. It involves Erica’s hatred towards Laycon as she went to body-shame and even threatened to kill Laycon. She accused Laycon of talking bad about her behind her back. She went ahead to pour water on the HOH bed so as to avoid DHOH Prince to sleep beside her on the bed. Finally, she packed all her luggage from the HOH room at around 4am and also called on Biggie that she’s fed up.

On Sunday 6th September, Lucy was among the evicted from the Big Brother Naija Lockdown House. She left the House without the hugs and fake sympathy from the HMs and has gotten fans talking that she has done well for ignoring them because they never really liked her in the house.

Erica also left the house by disqualification after numerous infringements, warnings and strikes.

The Big Brother House is left with only nine (9) HMs.

The winner of the Oppo Photography Challenge was announced at night and it was Kiddwaya and Dora who won with a Prize of 1 Million Naira each and Oppo Reno 3 Smartphone Each.

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