2020 BBNaija Lockdown Major Highlights For Week 2 and Week 1 Recap. 

  • Week 2 Hasn’t Been Really Great For The BBNaija Housemates, here are the major highlights as unexpectedly Lucy won the Head of House (HOH) position and chose Prince as her deputy (both from Cross River State) after the tenure of Nengi and Wathoni came to an end for the 1st Week. 


  • They lost their wager games and failed to impress the Big Brother for the second week in a row owing to their lack of focus, entanglements, breach of BBNaija rules, ego, personal differences and more.


  • What this means is that things will get more difficult for the HMs as their would be food ration and an increased tension among HMs as they don’t know who gets evicted on Sunday. Owing to this conditions, the couples especially Neo with Vee, Lilo with Eric have started doubting where their loyalties lie… Is it the Money or Relationship? 

A lot of HMs also attended their Diary Sessions which got Tolanibaj and Kiddwaya sent out of the Diary Room by Big Brother for indecent dressings. A lot of them also seek advice and guidance from the Big Brother as well; in which HOH Lucy got emotional by expressing her dissatisfaction in fellow HMs for lack of cooperation in her tenure.

The self acclaimed Bosslady of BBNaija 2020, Katrina found herself in a dicey situation with a fellow HM, Praise after camera caught both of them having sex under the Duvet.

Following the Friday Arena Game that happened last night at Big Brother Naija House, Praise emerged as the sole winner at the arena game after other candidates failed to live up to expectations.

After the Arena game, the Big Brother told other housemates to give Praise a special treat. Prior to this, Praise has also emerged as winner alongside Vee on their Wager game which took place on Thursday evening.

On Thursday evening, they all planned to engage in Truth or Dare Game after their Friday’s Arena game. This preparation was spearheaded by Praise with close support from Dorathy.

Truth or Dare Game has been attempted by the HMs once before but went side ways, but this time around some of the HMs opted out at the eleventh hour which left Dark Room with few participants namely HOH Lucy, Praise, Dorathy, Laycon, Ozo, Kaisha, Trikytee.

Furthermore, the game started at a very late hour after almost all the HMs had already gotten intoxicated except owing to the cheerful Big Brother’s offer of drinks and opening of the Jacuzzi at the Garden.

During the Truth Or Dare Game, these are highlights of the events: Ozo grabbed and romanced Dorathy’s heavy breasts while Dorathy Kissed Him Back, Kaisha Kissed Praise, Lucy’s top was removed, Lucy gave seductive lap dance to Praise, Katrina Rubbed Laycon’s Prick, Kaisha Gave Lap Dance to Trickytee, and other interesting stuffs. Everybody except few shippers, went to bed early because of stress and alcohol.

Finally, the major event happened when we thought it’s all over as the camera went straight to Kiddwaya and Erica engaged in French Kiss. The most surprising caught was the scene where Praise was given hot fuck to the Bosslady Katrina on her bed.

The aftermath of the event between Katrina and Praise is still unclear as both might convince the audience it was because of the alcohol or just one night stand? Tonight comes another party at the BBNaija House… Watch out as both don’t actually get along that much on a normal day.

The Saturday Night Party Came Up with Big Brother getting the HMs different attires to put on. There was so much fun when DJ Big N lit up the whole arena with party bangers. At some point, DJ brought Laycon (one of the housemates) to the limelight again as he played Laycon’s song “HipHop” on the dance floor and that was one of the favorite moments for the young artist. Furthermore, Oxlade was the guest artist as he was called upon to perform.

After so much drama at the end of the party that lasted for two hours, all HMs crashed.

On Sunday night, the live eviction show began with Ebuka as the host as usual. HOH Lucy was commended bringing some discipline to the Big Brother House.

Finally, Four HMs at the bottom of the online voting chart are are Lilo, Eric, Praise and Katrina. The final votes came from the other HMs in the diary room but unfortunately, Lilo and Ka3na were exited out of the BBNaija House.

It’s the end of Week 2 of BBNaija Lockdown 2020! Stay Safe!

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